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✍️Month of Art Practice (M.A.P) is a project dedicated to the development of contemporary art, initiated by artist Tran Trong Vu, and has been organized annually by Heritage Space since 2015. The project aims to create a foundation for art practice activities, exchange, education and exhibition between international professional artists and young Vietnamese artists. With each annual season, the project carries an overarching theme for artists' creations. The theme of the 2019’s season will be “BEYOND DESTRUCTION”.

✍️Month of Arts Practice (M.A.P) is initiated in 2015 in the context of a status quo going on in Vietnam - art education in state-owned art schools (private art schools do not exist) is not executed to the highest standard, some only teaching art for vocational purpose mainly. As a result, many students and art teachers decided to give up on art. Art museums in Vietnam are not good enough: artists cannot learn much from exhibitions and museum collections in the country. Vietnamese public does not have many chances to access contemporary art.

✍️In M.A.P 2019, we continue to follow two main targets: 1. Create a new version of art school, unprecedented in Vietnam, where there is no teacher, no student and all participant artists are colleagues. Together, they lean in, experience, exchange and learn from each other. 2. Give the local audience an opportunity to access the progress of contemporary art in Vietnam and overseas and make them look at art as to how art can benefit communities. ️'Month of Arts Practice - M.A.P' is organized with the support of Cultural and Creative Hubs Vietnam which is co-sponsored by the European Union and the British Council. The project also receives subsidies from the Korea Foundation and Goethe Institut in Hanoi. Media partners of MAP 2019 are Hanoi Grapevine - an online platform for information on Vietnamese culture and arts - and Mekong Cultural Hub - a cultural and artistic network for countries in the Mekong Subregion and Taiwan. If you find yourself meeting us at any intersection, come join us in our journey: M.A.P 2019 - BEYOND DESTRUCTION!

Source / Heritage Space

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