On October 4th, the opening ceremony of the 4th International Experimental Theater Festival – 2019 at the Opera House, Hanoi. The festival will last until October 13th. There are 7 international delegations with 7 performances, namely Hungarian delegation (August), Israel delegation (Bpolar), Indian delegation (Macbeth Mirror), Korean delegation (Twenty thousand miles under the sea), Chinese delegation (Story of an ancient painting), Singapore delegation ( Devil’s temple ) and Greek delegation (Bloody Field). Vietnam is the host country, will have 14 performances by 14 art units including both the governmental and private.

The experimental art form is still a new practice for Vietnamese artists. Therefore, artists need a great deal of time and effort to research and experiment before they can bring a work on stage. This festival is a challenge for Vietnamese artists tell the story of the evolution, the combination of what they already have with new knowledge and new practices. This is also an opportunity for international friends to see the movement of theater arts in Vietnam and the opportunity for the host country artists to learn and have new experiences from the performances that 7 countries have brought to the festival. The festival is a promising and diverse experience for Hanoian and to whom is interested in Performing Arts.

Source / Tuoitre.vn, vov.vn, baovanhoa.vn